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Carbon Neutral Living

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RENU is leading the transition to a carbon neutral built environment.

Carbon neutral real estate

We deliver decarbonized energy retrofits to existing real estate assets.

Climate action starts with improving energy performance within the built environment.

Buildings consume

40% of energy produced

70% of electricity produced in the U.S.

They account for nearly

40% of annual global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

12% of direct GHG emissions in the U.S.


Operational Value

State and local governments are committing to meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets, while property owners confront additional legislative and financial burdens associated with greater environmental responsibility. The requirements are still evolving, and RENU allows owners and operators to stay ahead of the environmental regulations.

RENU’s comprehensive approach provides a carbon neutral transition for the built environment.

Carbon neutral real estate
Our innovative solutions improve property values, decreases utility and maintenance costs, and achieves carbon neutrality at no additional expense to owners, management, or tenants. 

Owners and operators benefit from:

  • Utility and Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance/Operation
  • Decarbonized Asset Standard
  • Improved Energy Resiliency
  • State-of-the-Art Energy Equipment
  • Exceeding Building Code Requirements
  • Lower Capital Reserve Costs
  • Competitive Marketing Advantage
  • Increased NOI


Carbon neutral real estate
RENU builds a path to low emissions, comfort, and efficiency.  

Tenants benefit from:

  • Safer and Healthier Environment
  • Decarbonized Living / Working Space
  • No Additional Cost
  • Reduced Maintenance Interference
  • Improved Health and Comfort
  • User Friendly Energy Management


Tenant Demand

Consumers are increasingly concerned about climate change and their own carbon footprints. Businesses and state and municipal governments representing a significant portion of the population have committed to broad greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Our cutting-edge HVAC infrastructure provides better indoor air quality and energy performance.

Carbon neutral real estate

How It Works

We decarbonize the built environment by lowering energy demand through comprehensive retrofits, infrastructure upgrades, electrification, and on-site/off-site renewable power generation.

Carbon neutral real estate

Property Assessment & Energy Analysis

We perform comprehensive analyses on existing properties to determine the best combination of energy performance technologies. We can then provide a customized roadmap to achieving specified carbon reduction and financial goals.

Design Study & Implementation

Our team designs onsite energy systems best suited for carbon neutrality. We consider the application of battery storage capacity, solar, and our proprietary geothermal model (GeoGrid™). If necessary, additional energy needs can be generated with local, off-site renewables. We create the optimal financial structure and cooperative relationships between the property owner, the utility, and state and local governments.

Energy Management & Maintenance

Once the new equipment and energy infrastructure is fully installed, our Energy Management system provides continuous monitoring on a per household/ business basis. Real-time data yields energy insights and underscores new opportunities for ongoing optimization.

RENU In Action

Over the next 30 years, the current RENU portfolio is projected to save

of CO2 from our atmosphere

Our projects will save the energy equivalent of:

Carbon sequestered by 270,000 acres of forest

Greenhouse gas emissions from 554,000,000 passenger vehicles’ miles

CO2 emissions from 243,000,000 pounds of coal

South Winds

South Winds

South Winds Apartment Community provides an ideal foundation for RENU’s Carbon Neutral Energy Efficiency retrofit program.

3,441,000 kWh

permanently saved through energy efficiency

1,427,000 kWh

produced through on-site renewable energy

3,803 tons

of CO2 avoided per year
South Winds is a 27 building, 404-unit garden-style multi-family complex in Fall River, MA. The complex features a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units arranged in 3 story buildings across a 27-acre property. Originally completed in 1972, the all-electric property features many of the original building systems.

Through the RENU process, South Winds is expected to avoid 3,803 tons of CO2 each year. To date, RENU improvements to the property’s building envelope include upgraded doors, windows, LED lighting, insulation and weatherization. Going forward, plans call for a full retrofit of existing HVAC with advanced cold-climate air source heat pumps to dramatically reduce energy demand and improve energy resiliency.

In order to meet the remaining energy consumption of South Winds using a renewable source, RENU is in the process of installing roughly 1.37 MW (DC) of rooftop solar PV.

Following the construction of the property’s new energy infrastructure, RENU will manage, maintain and monitor these systems to maximize energy efficiency and environmental health through our integrated energy management and monitoring system.

300 Baker

300 Baker

RENU’s flagship project in the commercial office market.

1,604,000 kWh

permanently saved through energy efficiency

1,318,000 kWh

produced through on-site renewable energy

2,283 tons

of CO2 avoided per year

300 Baker is a 3 story, 417,000 sq. ft. Class-A commercial office building constructed in 1952 and located in Concord, MA. The building has over a dozen tenants with a range of business types and layouts. This property has undergone multiple additions over the decades, and while there have been some major systems upgrades, many of the systems are over 40 years old. 

Through the RENU process, 300 Baker is expected to avoid 2,283 tons of COeach year. RENU improvements to the property’s building envelope include window upgrades, envelope weatherization/sealing, and LED lighting upgrades. The RENU scope also includes full retrofit of the HVAC system, thus incorporating RENU’s GeoGrid, a Geothermal HVAC system. Along with the GeoGrid, other HVAC upgrades include a perimeter heating system, heat recovery system, dedicated outdoor air system, and air handler/cooling system. 

With the aim of maximizing COsavings at 300 Baker, RENU installed 900 kW (DC) of rooftop and canopy solar PV. This will help to convert the property into a sustainable real estate asset with low energy demand and high energy resiliency. 

Following the construction of the property’s new energy infrastructure, RENU will manage, maintain, and monitor these systems to maximize energy efficiency and environmental health through our integrated energy management and monitoring system. 

Our Team

Peter A. Merrigan

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Merrigan is Chief Executive Officer of RENU Communities and Taurus Investment Holdings LLC. He has overseen the acquisition and development of more than 47 million square feet of commercial space to date with a value in excess of $7.3 billion. As CEO he has guided the launch and development of RENU Communities alongside EcoSmart Solution and the broader Taurus renewable portfolio.

Carbon neutral real estate

Erik R. Rijnbout


As President of Taurus, Erik oversees the daily operations of Taurus worldwide, is responsible for Taurus’ Portfolio Management, consults on all new business initiatives, and supervises investment structuring and financing. In addition, Erik serves on the board of EcoSmart Solution, several real estate companies and acts as the relationship manager for the European institutional clients. Prior to joining Taurus, Mr. Rijnbout was Vice President of Finance at the DSF group. Mr. Rijnbout also held positions at the Royal Dutch/Shell Pension Fund (US Real Estate), Royal Dutch/Shell Group (Netherlands), and Coopers & Lybrand International N.V. (Netherlands).

Carbon neutral real estate

Chris Gray

Chief Technology officer

Christopher (Chris) Gray is the Chief Technology Officer of RENU Communities. As CTO Chris oversees the technoeconomic evaluation of RENU’s carbon-neutral energy efficiency retrofit program as well as the company’s technology and platform development. Chris brings an extensive background in energy and engineering. He spent over 15 years working within the energy industry in a variety of roles including technology R&D, sales, key accounts, and business development.

Nancy Scotton

Chief Finance Officer

As CFO of Taurus, Nancy is responsible for managing and reporting on all the fiscal and financial affairs of the Company and overseeing the company’s day-to-day finance and accounting operations. Prior to Taurus, Nancy has over 25 years of experience in the alternative asset management industry including tenures prior to Taurus as CFO with private equity real estate funds (Landmark Partners, Goldpoint Partners), a family office (Perilune Group) and over a decade in the financial services practices at Big 4 and top tier public accounting firms (PwC, EY, RSM). Nancy holds a B.S. from CUNY – Brooklyn College and an M.S. from Pace University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mark Donohoe

Director of Construction Management

As the Director of Construction Management for RENU Communities, Mark is responsible for implementing RENU’s carbon-neutral renovation programs, including infrastructure upgrades, energy efficient equipment retrofits, and renewable power generation systems.  With over 20-years of experience, Mark has managed construction projects totaling over $200 million across multiple asset classes: multifamily, office, retail, industrial, and land development. Additionally,  Mark is a licensed attorney in the state of Massachusetts.

Carbon neutral real estate

Our Commitment to

Sustainability is central to our purpose. As part of Taurus Investment Holdings, RENU’s model and approach are designed to protect the environment and support local communities.

Taurus strives to operate and improve real estate in a best-in-class manner, with the goal of lowering water/energy consumption, decarbonizing new and existing buildings in all asset classes and providing high quality working/living spaces for our tenants. Supporting these investment decisions is the belief that prudent management of environmental, social and governance issues can have an important impact on the creation of long-term investor value.

About RENU

Launched in 2019 as a subsidiary of Taurus Investment Holdings, RENU is leading the transition to a carbon neutral built environment.

RENU combines best-in-class technology and real estate expertise to overhaul existing properties and transform dated buildings into high-value, carbon neutral assets. Program elements incorporate comprehensive retrofits, wholesale equipment upgrades, and onsite energy generation to create a customized, carbon neutral ecosystem. RENU’s innovative solutions improve property values, decrease utility and maintenance costs, and achieve carbon neutrality at no additional expense to owners, management, or tenants.

Carbon neutral real estate

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Carbon neutral real estate