RENU’s first project in the Florida real estate market.

1,670,000 kWh

permanently saved through energy efficiency

580,000 kWh

produced through on-site renewable energy

1,305 tons

of CO2 avoided per year

Canopy Apartments is a 56 building, 296-unit garden-style multi-family apartment complex in Orlando, FL. The complex features a mix of 1,2, and 3-bedroom units arranged in 1 and 2 story buildings across the property. Built in 1981, the all-electric property features many original building systems. 

Through the RENU process, Canopy is expected to avoid 1,305 tons of COeach year. Planned RENU improvements to the property’s building envelope include LED lighting and roof insulation upgrades. The RENU scope also includes full retrofit of the HVAC and hot water systems with high efficiency heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, thus improving unit energy resiliency and reducing energy demand. 

With the aim of maximizing COsavings at Canopy, RENU plans to install approximately 270 kW (DC) of rooftop solar PV at Canopy, thus reducing complex wide electricity consumption by approximately 20%. 

Although not directly associated with energy saving initiatives, water conservation also advances RENU’s goal towards a sustainable real estate industry. RENU plans on upgrading Canopy’s original toilets to 1.28 GPF low flow toilets, thus decreasing property toilet water consumption and wastewater production by 60%. 

Following the construction of the property’s new energy infrastructure, RENU will manage, maintain, and monitor these systems to maximize energy efficiency and environmental health through our integrated energy management and monitoring system.