300 Baker Ave is RENU’s flagship project in the commercial office market.

1,604,000 kWh

permanently saved through energy efficiency

1,318,000 kWh

produced through on-site renewable energy

2,283 tons

of CO2 avoided per year

300 Baker is a 3 story, 417,000 sq. ft. Class-A commercial office building constructed in 1952 and located in Concord, MA. The building has over a dozen tenants with a range of business types and layouts. This property has undergone multiple additions over the decades, and while there have been some major systems upgrades, many of the systems are over 40 years old.

Through the RENU process, Concord is expected to avoid 2,283 tons of CO2 each year.

  • Window Upgrades
  • Envelope Weatherization and Sealing
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Geothermal HVAC featuring RENU’s GeoGrid™
  • Perimeter Heating System Upgrade
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System
  • Air Handler and Cooling System Upgrades
  • Rooftop and Canopy Solar PV Array
  • Energy Management and Monitoring Systems