Wells Park

RENU's second office project.

730,000 kWh

to be saved annually through energy efficiency

1,803,000 kWh

to be produced annually through on-site renewable energy

1,123 tons

of CO2 estimated to be avoided annually

Wells Park is made up of 3 low-rise Class-A commercial office buildings totaling 377,697 sq. ft. constructed in 1982 and located in Newton, MA. The buildings have over two dozen tenants with a range of business types and layouts. These properties have multiple types of building systems including gas heat RTU’s, Direct Expansion Split Systems, and Water Source Heat Pumps.

Through the RENU process, the Wells Park Portfolio is expected to avoid 1,123 tons of CO2 each year. RENU improvements to the property’s building envelope include envelope weatherization/sealing and LED lightings upgrades. The RENU scope also includes full retrofit of the HVAC systems converting natural gas space heating to advanced packaged heat pumps and replacing natural gas boilers with a hybrid heat pump/solar thermal system.

To maximize the carbon savings, RENU plans to install approximately 900 kW (DC) of rooftop solar PV and an additional 500 kW (DC) of parking lot canopy solar PV. This will help to convert the property into a sustainable real estate asset with low energy demand and high energy resiliency.

Following the construction of the property’s new energy infrastructure, RENU will manage, maintain, and monitor these systems to maximize energy efficiency and environmental health through our integrated energy management and monitoring system.